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Shanxi Huiqiang Magnets Co., Ltd is one of the biggest and earliest neodymium magnets manufacturer in China since 1994. We specialized in manufacturing and researching high quality Neodymium magnets and its application devices. Our annual production capacity is 1500 tons. We have complete production line from raw material to final products, our factory operate according ISO/TS 16949. The production area is over 20k squares.

With nearly 30 years’ production experience, we have developed our own technology to manufacture Nd-Fe-B magnets, and we have got several national patents and one US invention patent ( Patent No.: US 7,377,985 B2 ), that makes our products can be sold to USA market without any obstacles.

With these advanced technologies, our magnets have better performance and consistency, consume less raw materials. The highest grades we can make are N52, N50M, N50H, N50SH, N45UH, N38EH. We can also make multi-poles magnetic rings. The magnets are widely used in automobiles, electrical motors, wind power generators, maglev trains, MRI, etc.

Our company have exported magnets for more than 20 years. Many famous customers like Miele, Esaote all choose us to be their supplier.

Our Advantages


We are one of the earliest manufacturers of NdFeB magnets in China, have nearly 30 years production experience.

R & D Capabilities

We have top experimental equipment and R&D personnel to continuously optimize the production process of our products.

Better Location

Cheaper electricity cost, near raw material origin, dry weather is more suitable for production.

Top Level Facility

We have a complete advanced neodymium magnet production line from raw materials to final products.

High Quality Products

Higher product quality in neodymium magnet industry is our long-term pursuit and basis of cooperation with customers.

Professional Service

We provide quick sample supply, professional magnetic solutions, fast delivery and timely after-sales service.

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