Professional Neodymium Magnets Manufacturer Since 1994

Our Advantages


We are one of the earliest manufacturers of NdFeB magnets in China, have nearly 30 years production experience.

R & D Capabilities

We have top experimental equipment and R&D personnel to continuously optimize the production process of our products.

Better Location

Cheaper electricity cost, near raw material origin, dry weather is more suitable for production.

Top Level Facility

We have a complete advanced neodymium magnet production line from raw materials to final products.

High Quality Products

Higher product quality in neodymium magnet industry is our long-term pursuit and basis of cooperation with customers.

Professional Service

We provide quick sample supply, professional magnetic solutions, fast delivery and timely after-sales service.

Shanxi Huiqiang Magnets Co., Ltd has a track record of producing high quality products backed by a commitment to total customer service…

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